Green and Sustainable Designs

Creating architecture that focuses on user comfort is central to our vision. A building should respond appropriately to Season, climate and orientation. We strongly advocate a passive approach to sustainable solar design, not ignoring active solar technologies. A passive design is where walls, windows, floors and roofs are utilised to collect, store and distribute or discard solar heat energy. This results in spaces that are cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather; cooler by day and warmer at night.

The new section added to the National Building Regulations, Part XA, requires sustainable (green or environmentally friendly) architecture. “Sustainability” has become a such a catchphrase that one might consider it a luxury only available to the wealthy, but through considered design effort we believe that every design could, and should be sustainable architecture, not influencing the budget. Passive design systems that have been studied by us include exploiting the flywheel effect, thermo syphon principles, rock bed systems, solar chimneys, living walls, green roofs and evaporative cooling, among others. Recent architectural education has given us exposure to and experience with this architectural science.

Sustainable design

3D Section Climatic

Winter vs Summer

Green Architecture

Site Context

Site Context Plan

Trombe Wall

Trombe Wall

Trombe Wall Design

Green Roof

Green Roof

Green Roof Detail

Rockbed Detail Summer


Rockbed Detail – Summer

Rockbed Detail Winter


Rockbed Detail – Winter

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