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Lombardy Estate House, stand 333

Johannesburg, Gauteng

Prairie style architecture has made a comeback from the late Twentieth Century at Lombardy Estate, Pretoria East. This style of house was first seen as a very bold approach to residential architecture, imagined by master architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The broad, flat landscape of the American Midwest served as inspiration, resulting in the low-pitched roofs with excessive overhangs. Horizontal roof lines cross and accentuate vertical wall & column elements. Architect Frank Loyed Wright’s “Robie House” is an exemplary example…a masterpiece of design that has been inspiring architects for decades now. Mr Wright truly deserves his place in the Architecture school textbooks. This house, on stand 333, overlooks a natural green-belt area of the estate. The house opens up and lives out toward the landscape. Views are framed at strategic “pause”-spaces like the stair landing and the porch. Generous stacking doors around the living areas imparts a truly South African flavour to the house plan, allowing the occupants to relish in South Africa’s amazing outdoor “stoep” culture.

Mc Lellan Architects delights at the thought of exploring this iconic style with many more future clients

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