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House designs & Residential Architecture

We have extensive experience in residential and house designs, where every home is something special & uniquely designed to cater for the individual or family’s needs. We love to design for the human experience, and believe that a building should entice all your senses, where every space makes you feel alive and refreshed. Buildings are both shapes (or sculptures) in the built environment as well as containers for people, enveloping light, air, smells, sounds, textures and even tastes. We have a unique outlook on kitchen design, where the farm style kitchen is something that embraces family relationships, friendships and the enjoyment of food.

Our house design portfolio includes Modern Architecture, Farmhouse designs, Tuscan House Designs, Contemporary House Plans.

We all dream of our perfect homes, each with our own ideas and thoughts on what exactly makes a perfect house to live in. We (Mc Lellan Architects) work with the ideas that excite you, & make them a reality. We love creating, analyzing, & recreating spaces. Light, colour and texture is the paint that we apply to the canvas of space and volume. Contact us & let’s design your perfect house.

We offer a complete service, from ideas, to building / house plans (and council submission), to construction documentation.


We are passionate about getting a design just right. Optimal space use, creative innovations, smart construction methods and trending styles, these excite us. Contact us and lets partner together for your House Plans, Housing, Apartments, Flats, Town Houses and Hi-end Residential developments.