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Big Building Design

Mc Lellan Architects have considerable experience in large building design, particularly related to Hotel and Mall construction. We are qualified to handle any other type of building design such as office blocks, hi-rise buildings, warehouses, monumental buildings, industrial buildings, hospitals and medical centers and more.

We have valuable experience with services coordination, consultant /engineer liaison, tenant coordination, tenant adjudications, township rezoning and council compliances, and related planning considerations. We have a good understanding of the elementary requirements for Fire designs and rationalizations, HVAC & ventilation installations, civil & structural engineering disciplines, and value engineering as it relates to budgets and cost plans.

Whatever the project, from inception and appraisal, to construction and final completion, we can provide a valuable service to a big-building developer. As principal consultant, it will always be the architect that sets the pace for, and energy into a large project, driving the professional team forward with timeous information coordination and drawing issues. Appoint an architect with drive and experience… appoint Mc Lellan Architects.

We are passionate about getting a design just right. Optimal space use, creative innovations, smart construction technologies and trending styles, these excite us. Contact us and let’s partner together for your big building development.