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Mc Lellan Architects is an architecture firm based in Pretoria, Gauteng. We are passionate about architecture that benefits its context socially, economically, and environmentally. We approach each project according to its unique requirements pertaining to time constraints, detail and budget.
Together Vidette and Clinton has two decades worth of experience in architecture. Clinton is experienced in retail, leisure and high-rise architecture. Vidette has special interest in civic, residential architecture, and interior architecture.
Vidette was awarded runner up in the regional finals of the Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year for her Thesis in Architectural Design. Her design dissertation was received very positively and will appear in Prof. O. Joubert’s latest publication of the best design theses of the past decade. She also achieved best grades in Construction Methods and Materials. This indicates a well-balanced skill base for an architect.

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Our Logo & Heritage

We’re very proud of the heritage & symbolism captured in our logo. The very famous “Modular man” as made known by Le Corbusier is at the centre. This man with his outstretched arm & abstracted hand shape is universally known as a symbol of architecture. The figures to the left & right hand of “modular man” completes and symbolises team work – because no man is a mountain onto himself. Our slogan “Form and space for the senses” is beautifully captured within these 3 human figures: positive form vs negative space. You see, architecture is both shape & form in the urban landscape, as opposed to also creating spaces & volumes containing people. These spaces envelop users with light, air, smells & sounds. The yellow badge is a modernised equivalent of the original Mc Lellan family crest as utilised by our Scottish forefathers. Great-great grandpa sailed from Scotland to South Africa as a bridge engineer. There’s some nostalgia here.

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